Monday, September 29, 2008

The 2 Most Beautiful Children I've Ever Seen!

Yep, you guessed it, MY kids. They're so darn cute, these pictures make me want to cry. I had so much fun taking these today and Jeanine was smiling a little for them! Enjoy them, I sure did!

We finally bought her some headbands so people would really know she's a girl. Why is it that you can cover your little girl from head to toe in pink (while she's also riding in her ridiculously pink carseat) and people will still stop you in the store and ask if it's a boy or girl? Does that make sense? Not to me! Next time someone asks and Jeanine is CLEARLY dressed like a little girl, I'm going to say she's a boy and just walk away, leaving whoever asks very confused. That'll teach 'em!

Friday, September 26, 2008

He's Almost In!

So on Monday Isaac had his 2nd Chief's Interview with the Kent Fire Department. There were 16 candidates that day and only 5 were chosen to continue in the hiring process...and Isaac was one of them! Thursday he had a background investigation interview for 2 hours and had to bring a ton of paperwork all filled out. It was crazy! I think it was something like 27 pages of info he had to fill out, all about his friends, family, financial history, work history (for the past 10 years, what a hassle!), and "all-the-stupid-things-you've-ever-done history", ick! He feels really confident that there's nothing that would prevent him from passing this part of the hiring process, and if things go well, there's only one more step to getting hired! Kent has to finish its' budget for 2009 before they know if they are hiring 2 or 3 firefighters, and after that comes the job offer, if he's selected from the 5 guys. Please keep praying for God to make these people look favorably upon Isaac so that he can get the job! We'll be posting updates as soon as we know anything!


So I thought we lived in a really safe area until last night. I know, sometimes there's just freak things that happen, but now I'm really uneasy living in our apartment complex. I was up feeding Jeanine at 3am and we heard 3 gunshots right outside our apartment in the parking lot. Isaac woke up really fast and told me to get in the living room, went and got John from his room and put him on the couch to sleep for a while. We called the cops after hearing 3 more shots outside but went back to bed before they ever showed up. I guess gunfire in University Place isn't that high of a priority to the police...scary thought.

Some Smiles For You...

These aren't the biggest smiles in the world but they're all Isaac could get on the camera the other night. She sure loves her daddy! (and she barely smiles for me, the little booger!)

Monday, September 22, 2008


So my friend Lauren is one of the more talented young people I know who uses their sewing machine. I myself just got a sewing machine thanks to my Grandma and so far I've been afraid to get it out and start making things. I'm just afraid I'm really going to be aweful at whatever I try, lol! Anyway, this is the beautiful taggie blanket that Lauren made for Jeanine; we love it so much and now I really want to get out the machine and start doing projects. Thanks for the awesome gift Lauren, and for making me get out my machine!


A little pensive...
OK, I'm relaxed now!

My New Toy

I'm so excited, I just got a double jogging stroller yesterday! Woohoo, now I can get out and exercise with both the kiddos. Jeanine fits really well into it already (though I can't jog with her in it yet), and John obviously fits. The double stroller we had was ridiculous and was SO hard to turn so I'm trying to sell it on Craigslist right now along with a few other things. I LOVE the jogger I got though because it's kind of a cross between a jogger and a regular double since the front wheel can lock for jogging or swivel for regular use, and the wheels are mid-sized instead of HUGE like a true jogger. As big as it looks, it still fits through our apartment's front door too!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today John Said...

"I'm sick, I need some fries" It was really pathetic and funny. He IS sick, and we were having fries, but he really thought he needed them apparently!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Smiley Girl


John smiles in boots

Jeanine wears a dress
Look how much I've grown since I was born!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I never thought I'd say...

"John, don't bark at sissy, that scares her!"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My camera, which can only be described as awesome (not to mention it's pink, hehe) is a Sony CyberShot DSC-W55, for those of you who asked about either mine or Jen's. It doesn't come with a memory card but you don't actually need one unless you're going on an extended vacation and will need more space than about 60 pictures. Cool huh?

This is What I Found

I went in to check on John before bed last night and this is what I found...

Yes, he is actually underneath those bears, placed lovingly on top of himself before he fell asleep I guess! (PS-No, I didn't turn the light on, my flash lit up the whole room. Jen, I love our cameras, they're great!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

First Time in a Dress

She's so cute!!! I put her in a newborn dress today since the weather is actually nice and she still fits into it. I have 5 more dresses she'll probably never wear and it makes me so sad! I love how it looks with the "BabyLegs" under it though, and I'm glad we bought these. They'll be so cute on her at church under things that need an extra layer. (PS-Jen, those babylegs have GOT to fit Aubrey by now, especially if I can make them work on Jeanine at 1 month old!)

Here's a couple more pictures of her from yesterday, such a sweet little girl, begging for hugs! lol

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So Jeanine's head just started peeling like mad like the rest of her body (which has all but finished) and now her hair is falling out with the skin coming off. It's gross and she's looking more and more like Golum with each bath. Yuck!
This evening as Isaac was putting John to bed, John yawned and said "I really need a nap!" Silly boy.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wants vs. Needs

A concept my toddler doesn't yet get. Last night on the way home from the fair, in the middle of the silence and out of the blue he says "I need some cheese!" He's such a crackup!

Baby Girl Noises

Ok, only one noise and it's not a great one, but she's starting to talk a little!

A Bunch of Pictures

First tummy time...she hated it for the most part! oh well, there's always tomorrow.

^^^ First tiny grin caught on camera! ^^^

"What the!"
Sweet boy...hiding from mommy

The Puyallup Fair

Yesterday Jim, Kathy, the kids, and I went to the Puyallup (for those out-of-towners: pew-wallup) Fair. Isaac is working there at the Cutco booth inside the Showplex and it's going really well! We had so much fun there, though we didn't get to do too much with a toddler and a newborn on our hands. I think John's favorite part was the petting zoo, but there were a couple close seconds like the helicopter booth and eating ice cream. Here's some fun shots that Kathy took since I was mostly too busy with Jeanine to get the camera out. Family PicturePetting BunniesHugging GoatsSheep eating"Lightning McSheep"Watching the fountainHanging with GrampsHere, have some water!

Racing daddy

Watching the mini helicopters being flown around


Monday, September 8, 2008

John, Abby, and the Zoo!

Abby watched John for us on Saturday while I went to a women's brunch at church. They had so much fun, and he's still talking about getting to feed the animals! Here's some fun pictures that Abby shared with us, thanks Abby!