Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Big Move...

is almost here! I'm stressed and excited and sad to leave. Things seem to be going so fast and coming together right on schedule for packing up the truck on Friday morning. Hopefully with quite a few people it won't take long and Isaac and Jim can leave town right away for their long journey. They should arrive in Tacoma sometime Tuesday (Oct 2nd) and be able to move into the apartment right away (hint hint for those in the area, we need help!) So far almost everything is packed, though I do keep finding random things throughout the house and wondering what the heck I'm gonna do with it all. Today I took apart John's changing table and tomorrow the crib also goes down. He will be sleeping in our pack n play Thursday night, and then in friends pack n plays during our stay here. I know he'll do well though, he's a smart boy; I explained to him on our last out of town trip that it was his bed and he had to sleep in it...and he did!

Well there's not much left to talk about. I just wanted to keep everyone informed about what's happening with us, as this will probably be my last post before the move. Hopefully unpacking won't take too long and I'll get up and blogging again in no time. Love ya!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Funny Boy

So John has done some cute, funny stuff lately, including putting stickers all over his face and leaving them there, falling asleep on me and really conking out...until he realized I put him in his crib for bed without his much needed pillow (then freaking out for an hour until I got it back from the Mills' house). He also HAD to get into the exersaucer that we just got back from a friend and play for over half an hour! It was amazing and he just didn't get bored, I guess because he didn't remember it. Cute. Here's the pictures.
Hey Jake, did you notice John's sippy cup is Cars? Neat! We think of you when he uses it and we miss you!

John and Amirah

Here's some fun pictures of when we had a fabulous dinner at our friends' house. Mini and Dane have been good friends and their daughter Amirah is 6 days older than John. They had lots of fun together under the table, and playing all evening. We will miss our friends dearly, but hey, they are from Washington and might move back there next year! Pretty cool.

Fine! Here's more...stop bugging me now

So Jen wants it is. These might be the last few posts in a while since we're moving in a couple days, but I thought everyone would enjoy this video and some funny pictures of John. He's such a joy lately, and quite a goof! Saved by the Bell came on TV a couple days ago and he was quite enthralled by it. Good thing we got rid of cable and aren't getting it back, his brain would turn to mush like mine did after many years of that silly show!

Here's a silly picture too...he looks like a strange superhero with his jammies, hat, and spaghetti spoon. Quite dangerous, don't you know?

Monday, September 17, 2007

See? Cool Huh?

Our Little Cutie

John has a few favorite words and one of them is bug. He has to stop on walks every time he sees any bug, including even the tiniest ant and he shouts "bug"! It's pretty funny. He also loves birds and watches them fly. Yesterday he pointed at a plane in the sky and yelled "bird"!


John LOVES going on walks. He stands at the front door pounding it and yelling until we go sometimes! Here's some really fun pictures from our walk this morning. This one was special because daddy got to come, and Johnny was so excited to share everything with him and tell him all about the bugs, birds, and trees! He's one special boy to us...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My funny boy

Today we hung out all day and packed. Meredith came over with Aubrielle and helped me pack the kitchen and some other miscellaneous stuff (of which there is a TON!). I never knew how hard packing could be with all sorts of weird shaped stuff and not enough big boxes. I'm working on getting more boxes soon, but we're making good progress. Isaac is in Charlotte today through Sunday at a home show so I have lots of free time to pack and spend with John. Today he walked over to a basket I had out and climbed inside. It was so cute and he was so proud of himself for sitting in it. Can't you tell he loves kisses from mommy? haha, hope you like the pictures!

Monday, September 10, 2007


We sold the house!!! What a tremendous relief and proof of God's amazing and perfect timing. The woman who bought it wants the deal to close on September 28th (yes, THIS MONTH!), so we're in an amazing hurry now to get packed and wrap up loose ends in Augusta. As of this evening we have 2 1/2 weeks, or 18 days, or 432 hours, or 25,920 minutes, or 1,555,200 seconds to pack and sign papers and leave town. WOW. I don't really even know where to start, except that just this minute I realized I forgot to go pick up boxes earlier this evening from a lady downtown. I'm a putz.
What else, you might ask? Well we were planning on driving out to Washington all together starting on the 28th but Isaac's dad Jim has offered to fly here and drive one of our vehicles so that I can fly there with John. We are currently working out all the kinks of this plan, but the cats will probably travel by car with Isaac, and me and John will stay here with friends after they leave and fly out about a week later. We have secured an apartment in University Place in a great location and can move in on the 5th. So far, that's all we've worked out, but I'll post more plans as they materialize.
We are so excited to get back to the west coast near family and old friends, yet I am having a really hard time with the prospect of leaving my friends here. Please keep me in your prayers regarding friendships and staying close to the Lord during this stressful time, and remember Isaac as he is preparing to move not just a family and a home, but a business all the way across the country. Hope you are all well, and I'll try to post some good Johnny footage soon!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Shoes, Suckers, and Slime

Well it's been uneventful here the last few days but here's some cute pictures of John. He discovered daddy's shoes by the door and commenced to try them on and walk in them. A frustrating little boy came out of this discovery because he couldn't keep the shoes on and would cry every time his foot came out of the shoe! Pretty cute, he wanted daddy's shoes, not his!
John has his first sucker yesterday, from the nice lady at the bank. He put it in his mouth and it didn't come out again until it was gone! Pretty cute, and his eyes kept watering because it was sour, haha!

And about the wasn't really slime, just gel. We styled his hair for the first time last night for our going away party at church. It was sooo cute!! He's definitely the most adorable toddler on the planet right now. As for other non-baby things, Isaac is out of town this weekend, but only for 2 days this time. Hopefully the home show goes well and he's having a good time. I'll get to talk to him tonight after it ends. Today I am also babysitting another little girl named Emily (18 months) all day and night. She got here at 10am and her mom works 24 hours at the hospital as a resident so she'll be here until about 9 Sunday morning. It's been really laid back so far, and they both took good morning naps, so we'll see about the rest of the day. It's almost naptime again!

We had another offer on the house and are waiting to hear back about our counteroffer. She's taking forever! It's hard to wait, but if this contract goes through, we will all be moving out to Tacoma together in less than 3 weeks! I can't wait to find out if we're going soon! As always, pray for our patience and waiting on God to show us what will happen.