Monday, July 13, 2009

A New Pony

Goofy girl! I just figured out how to put Jeanine's hair up into a littly pony tail on the top of her head. She looks exactly like Pebbles! Apparently she doesn't mind all the hair pulling too; she learned early that beauty=pain, lol!

Just a box

Decided to make a fabric covered wood box today to match Jeanine's room for her hair accessories and I'm so pleased how it turned out!

John is 3!

We had a great birthday this year with just our family. Friday we took John to the Mega warehouse outlet store by our house and he picked out an easel. Saturday...ok well we did a lot, here's the short version: Relaxed in the morning, went to the mall, got new shoes, new haircut, ate lunch in the food court, played at the play area, got a massage in a vibrating chair and laughed the whole time, went to Petco and got 2 Beta fish named Nemo and Dori (because what else would a 3 year old name some fish, besides Bubba and Cheese?), napped in the car, relaxed for a little while at home and sang and ate cake, and to top it off, went to a Tacoma Rainiers baseball game in the evening with daddy. Here's a TON of pictures, just in case you don't believe that we could actually fit all that into one birthday.

Sunday we went to church and then spent the day at Jen and Ryan's new house, and had a little birthday cake and jello there! The boys had fun but were so exhausted! Jen and the boys made Johnny some special Johnny Jigglers, lol!

Needless to say we are all tired and recuperating from a long weekend, but love our sweet boy so much! He is such a handsome, sweet, amazing gift from God and we are so proud to have him in our family! 3 years ago I was juggling a new baby, who would have thought time flies so fast!?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Weather, Birthdays Coming, and Projects Coming to a Close

We have been SO busy lately! Last week the weather was HOT here, I'm talking high 80s with no breeze for relief (don't laugh all you GA readers, I'll take what I can get!). We spent a LOT of time outside playing, and I even think we all ended up a little dehydrated one day, so we stayed inside that day. Monday through Wednesday were mild again, but still layered clothes weather, and today, Friday, is getting hot again. Tomorrow it's supposed to be close to 90, woohoo!Tuesday Jen and Ryan moved to Washington with the kids! We are so excited for Ryan to start as the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries at our church! Mom and Dad drove up their moving truck from the Bay Area and stayed at our house just Tuesday night, then flew home Wed. We were so glad to have them here to visit with the kids and stayed up way too late talking and having fun Tuesday :) Wednesday we went to the Trzeciak's new home and helped unpack a little, and then took mom and dad to the airport. Johnny was super excited to get a t-ball set from them, along with a fun sweatshirt with motorcycles on it! He got to play t-ball in the backyard with daddy and grandpa Cliff for a while! (pictures to come, they're on my mom's camera, who is now at the coast) We have also been sick all week long! Last week Jeanine had hand, foot, and mouth disease (it's not as bad as it sounds, but it is pretty gross and painful!), which decided to culminate with a nasty little cold. She then gave it to me, Johnny, and now daddy. Isaac has been off work all week and goes back Sunday, but still has been working for the Cutco office on the side, so still busy :/
Today I also finished Jeanine's room completely! (well, there's always more I could do, but we're not going there :) Anyway, here's some finished room pics. I sold all her oak furniture on Craigslist and rebought it all in white, doesn't it look fantastic?! Also notice the beautiful hair clippie keeper and amazing French memo board, both made by my best friend Lauren, who is oh so talented! Needless to say I'm very glad to have that whole project out of the way, on to making more diapers and some odds and ends, like a teddy bear. If you're wondering what exactly I created in these pictures, it is the valance, pillows/pillow cases, banner-like wallhanging, quilt wallhanging, and changing table curtain.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little update, tomorrow is Johnny's 3rd birthday, I can't believe how time flies! He's so excited. Today we let him pick out a present from the Mega brand warehouse outlet store by our house. He chose an easel for drawing and artwork and played with it for quite a while this evening! Tomorrow we will have a quiet but fun filled family day with cake, a haircut, and going to the mall to let him pick out a beta fish of his own. These come in kits with everything you'll ever need and the tank only needs to be cleaned out every 6 months...a very manageable 3 year old pet! Wish us luck...and Nemo (which is what he has already decided the fishes name is, but maybe that will change, he IS 3 now!