Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bike Riding Cousins

So I stole this collage from my sister's blog but it was too cute to pass up. I thought you'd all enjoy it, especially those who haven't seen it on Jen's site already! My brother in law Ryan took the boys on a bike ride and they loved it! Those cousins sure love each other...

Friday, July 27, 2007

"I Like a Clean Tray!"

So John has decided that he wants to clear his tray to the table and then eat off the table. I guess we could just stop putting the tray on the booster and feed him at the table, it'd save him some time. After I give him food, he puts each peice on the table then eats it! Oh, and doesn't his short hair look adorable? We love it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So behind...

So this post might be a little long, but it's been 2 weeks since I've posted and we've been busy! Where do I even start? I guess with our trip to CA. We left as a family on Friday the 13th and had the worst trip ever possible (fitting for the date I guess)! Our flight was delayed, we missed our connection, our luggage was left behind, John wouldn't sleep, and a myriad of other things just piled up until we were laughing in the rental car at 2am on the way to my parents because of what an aweful day we'd had. It was so nice to finally get there and crawl in bed, though John didn't want to sleep and we only totalled 3 hours that night! John did surprisingly well adjusting to being away from home despite the pack 'n play crib and no door to our room. It was a full house because Jen and Ryan and the boys live with my parents this summer. The boys mostly got along great and there were no major hitches in behavior with any of them. John absolutely LOVED his cousins, especially Jake (2 1/2) because he's the cool 'older cousin'. He watched him intently most of the days. John also had fun playing side by side with Warren (12 mo.), with the occasional wrestling match!
Watching Veggie Tales on the portable DVD player Cute Warren

Well on Sunday the 15th we had a joint birthday party at my parents house for our whole family. John and Warren turned 1, and my 2 cousins Josh and Trent turned 11 and 14 respectively. It was so much fun seeing everyone; all in all there were 14 adults and 6 kids! The weather was great and we got to spend a lot of time outside, not just at the birthday party but during the whole trip. The weather was amazingly cool and comfortable, not anything like Georgia!! We were so glad to be able to be outside during the days and evenings.
Jake and his horse
From Tuesday through Friday morning, Jen and Ryan's friends Glen and Shilo came to visit as well. They had a good time with the Trzeciaks and the boys and going to San Francisco. It was nice getting to meet some of my sister's friends. The rest of the trip we pretty much just relaxed at home and tried to maintain some semblance of normalcy for John schedule-wise. The flight home was hectic and interesting because John had had enough at that point in our week and was tired and cranky; I was also travelling alone this time because Isaac was already in Jacksonville, FL for a conference.

As of right now, we've all been home for a couple of days and John is getting back to normal slowly but surely. I got a chance to go to my friend Lauren's new house and check out all the cool stuff they've done with the place since the last time I was there. We let the kids play for a while and then went our own ways since John needs his sleep. I can't wait until I have my sweet boy back (once he's sleeping well again) and we are back on track. I am working at getting the house all cleaned up again to continue showing it for sale. We've gotten some interest like before, but still no offers. We just know God is going to bring us the right buyer in the right time but it's so hard to wait! We're pretty anxious to have a time nailed down, since we've already decided to move back to WA the first week of October. That's all for now, here's a bunch of pictures from our trip, and I'll post more when I get some from my mom and sister. Seems like they got a lot of the good ones!

Oh yeah, we cut John's hair too! It was getting pretty shaggy (as you can see really well in those pictures above) so my mom and I buzzed it. John did great, and just got a little nervous at the end so we stopped. It was uneven for a few days but I fixed it the rest of the way today and it's so cute! I'll add more pics of his short hair tomorrow sometime!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Boxes Make the Best Toys!!

Vaccuums and Cake
Well we had John's first birthday party in Augusta on Saturday and it was a blast! We had 11 adults and 8 kids (2 four year olds and 6 babies under 14 months!), it was quite crowded in our little place! John had a lot of fun playing with his new toys and got pretty messy in his piece of cake. I don't think he liked getting very messy though, he eventually stopped touching the cake and just held his hands out for me to clean them, and wanted me to feed him some cake with a fork. One of John's favorite gifts so far has been the mini vaccuum cleaner he got from Teressa.Up until now, the bane of my existence has been vaccuuming because John would scream the whole time until I was done, and follow me around crying. Now that he has his own vaccuum, he pulls it all over the house with him and sits with it while I vaccuum. Yay for great gift ideas, there is no more screaming while I vaccuum!
Other than that, we've been pretty laid back around here. We are still trying to sell our house, but even though we get lots of interest, we have yet to recieve an offer. I'm sure God is just preparing us for the right buyer in His timing, not ours. Another great development in Isaac's career is that he was "officially" accepted to be a Cutco business gift consultant, which means we need to move to Washington by the fall, hopefully no later than the first week of October. We have already set that week aside for our move and put a hold on a moving truck, so hopefully our timing is according to the homebuyer God will bring to us! If not, there are other options, but we are definitely going to be gone from Augusta this fall. I'm getting kind of sad to leave my church and my good friends, but I know that there are ways to keep in touch, we can visit, and I'm sure God has some other friends for me in Tacoma. I'm so nervous though!
Okay, well here are some pictures of the birthday party; I didn't get many of our guests, just of John.

Blowing out the candle

John looks disgusted with it!

Getting into it...

Yuck mom, clean it off!

Getting ready to start screaming...

Opening gifts

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Like Family

I just took some really cute pictures of the Mills' baby Aubrielle while we babysat, and though she's not a member of our family we feel like she is! This post is mainly for Meredith and Nathan to see the pictures, sorry, none of John this time!

Aubrielle has become quite the chatterbox and a joy to be around! We'll sure miss her when we move!