Thursday, June 28, 2007

Birthday upon us...

Well John's 1 year birthday is fast approaching and gifts are already being sent! We have such a generous family to dote on John, and Grandma and Grandpa Stegman are no exception. After recieving a duplicate of a toy John already loves, we took it back yesterday and got him some other things he's also sure to love. Here's John playing with his new ball popper.

Here's a few more pictures of John and some kids in the nursery this week during VBS. He and Aubrielle were teaching each other about trucks and having a nice conversation this morning!

Being a ham for the camera

"Look Aubrielle, these are wheels and they're really cool!"

"Yeah but look John, this dump truck has a lot of dirt in it!"

She's so cute!

Obsessed with the TV! He stands right under it and bounces up and down!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Beautiful Boy

I just thought this picture was one of the best of John and wanted to share it. Today we went to the Y where Daddy and Mommy exercised and John stayed in the nursery. He hated it and was crying when we came back only 25 minutes later! Oh boy, what will we do? John just tried out his ride along lion today and seemed to like it, though there's no place to prop his feet up when I try to push him around. Maybe we'll look for one he can push and ride.

Friday, June 22, 2007

just walkin

Best Friends

Yesterday I watched MacKeane (Ma-kee-an) for my good friend Lauren. She was grouting her kitchen floor (wow!) and I was either chasing 2 biostrous boys around the whole house or listening to them scream (in different rooms) because they didn't want to take naps. It was a busy day to say the least! MacKeane is the sweetest little boy and John adores him. It was so cute watching them crawl after each other all afternoon trying to figure out what the other was doing. What a glimpse into the life of someone with twins! Well they were too busy for me to get any pictures, other than when they were being still watching Veggie Tales. As for selling the house, insanely enough we may have already found a buyer!!! We couldn't believe our eyes when someone responded to the ad online, and it looks like it might just all work out! The woman came over last night to see the house and sent her significant other to see it this morning. Please pray that this woman is favorably disposed towards us and our asking price, and that we recieve an offer if it's in God's will. Here's a few cute pics of John from the last couple days, he's been so much fun lately, though his ear infections didn't go away so we're on round 2 of antibiotics right now. Dr. Massey mentioned tubes casually, but only if he gets another infection or this one doesn't go away by the end of July. Hopefully this is just a phase and he'll grow out of it.
Johnny playing in the church nursery

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Recent Videos

My silly boy...found him alone in his room in a pile of about 30 wipes! He'd been sitting on the floor for several minutes just pulling them out of the package and throwing them all over the place. I cleaned up, then decided to get a video of him doing it again, but they wouldn't come out of the package very well because it was almost empty! Heeeeere's Johnny!

Yay! John just learned to push his walker! He pushed it from the kitchen all the way into our bedroom earlier, with me just helping to turn it in the right direction. Guess we're almost walking now.

We went to the pool yesterday with my friend Mini and her daughter Amirah. Here's a couple pictures of John and Amirah.
He was yelling and screaming because he was having a good time!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

House for Sale

Hi everyone, just wanted to post our house listing in case some of you haven't seen it. It's available to see online at
If anyone lives here in Augusta and you know someone who might be interested, please pass this along. Thanks, hope everyone's well! I'll get back on later and post some video and pictures.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Other cute pics

Today John and I went to see Aubrielle and Meredith and went swimming again. It was fun and John was worn out! When Nicole (Meredith's friend) brought us home, John was fast asleep by the time we arrived so we brought him inside in the carseat. He slept in his carseat in his room for an hour! This is one of him just waking up. Huh? How did I get here!?

Too cute for his own good! He's such a ham for the camera.

Veggie Tales

Silly little video of John groovin to Veggie Tales. He'll watch that show as many times as we let him every day, which is usually only once in the morning when he wakes up, though sometimes (like yesterday) another time before bed. He loves the theme song and bounces up and down and tries to sing too! So cute...sorry about the video quality though.


My kid loves baths! He's so darn cute, and clean too!
I want to take a bath so badly! John couldn't wait any longer to get in the bath tonight, he tried climbing over the side!
Keeping those pearly whites (both of them, hehe) clean!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Ear Infection!

Well we just got back from the doctor and she said John's left ear is infected. We're getting the antibiotics today so please pray for John's ears to get better quickly, since it seems to be affecting him so badly lately. Thank you for your prayers!

Old Pictures at the Y pool

Here's some pictures of John and Aubrielle at the pool, finally got them from Meredith's blog.
John was drinking out of the little fountains at the side of the wading pool!Sweet girl, just learned to clap!


Sadly, John and I are both sick. I think mine's just allergies, but John is in a lot of pain, probably from an ear infection so we're going in to the pediatrician in a little while to get him checked. Now's one of those times when I actually pray for an ear infection, so that at least it's something treatable, unlike teething. John has been on motrin and tylenol nonstop for over a week, and he's decided not to eat lately, so he's a wreck. I'll post again when I find out what's wrong. BTW, the indian video works now, I had to switch to google videos because youtube stopped working for me. Hope you like it!
Veggie Tales daze; John loves watching "Dave and the Giant Pickle" every morning with daddy!Aubrielle came over yesterday to play! She's so sweet, and just learned to sit up and is starting to walk assisted. I guess soon they'll both be running around playing together, getting into all sorts of trouble!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

John the Indian (or politically correct 'Native American')

I taught John how to be an Indian today and surprisingly he remembered how to do it later when I got the camera out. He's so cute!

Today we stayed home most of the day and played and rested. John is still teething very painfully so I think it's making him extra tired these days. I gave him a mirror and he decided it was fun to lick.

My friend Lauren came over today and brought her 11 month old MacKeane to play. It was great getting together again after several months of springtime business, and the boys seemed to have a good time. I think they're both in the "mine" stage though, neither of them wanted to share.

John has also started a nasty habit of giving me and Isaac dirty looks. I kind of caught one in a picture; it was so cute at first, but now we're trying to discourage it. Here's his partial "funny face"

Here's just a few more pictures of John playing on the floor today; I have the cutest kid ever, of course I'm biased!and this was the first day John ate Wednesday night supper with mommy and daddy; I didn't have to bring him something different to eat, woohoo! We had meatloaf, blackeye'd peas, parmesan thin-sliced potatoes, cole slaw, and rolls, and John loved everything but the cole slaw.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hanging with Mom

This week John has been a joy to be around...unless it's 2am. Strangely enough, he's teething at night, which is the only time he screams, and during the day he's been fine. I think he's doing it on purpose just because Isaac is out of town again (he gets back tonight though). Isaac has been running a Cutco booth at the "Taste of Charlotte" (NC) and from what he's been able to communicate to me over about 30 seconds on the phone between customers, he's been swamped! I'm so proud of him for taking on this new home show challenge, and also undertaking a business gift Cutco program as well. He's so good with people!
Thursday John and I played at home most of the day so here's some pictures:

John also discovered the toilet and that he can flush it, so now we have to watch/listen for him in the bathroom and make sure the toilet seat's down!
And when mommy can't watch him and make sure he's not flushing the toilet...Prison!
Today was rainy because of the tropical storm, so we went to Barnes & Noble so John could play with the trainset in the childrens' section. Here's a video, kinda funny, though he fell down once.

We also went to the pool at the Y with my friend Meredith and her baby Aubrielle but I forgot my camera. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them from Meredith. That's all for now, have a great week!