Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Shoes for Baby...

Well, here's our little one's first new pair of shoes! Can you figure out what we're having? We figured she'd need them as soon as she came out since she's already gotten so much practice kicking me...she should be able to walk at birth! We just found out this morning and are sooooo excited to have a girl on the way (girl names are the only ones we can agree on so far). She looks great and everything is going well, we just have another 4 1/2 months to wait to meet her! I have a feeling she'll be a lot like me...she's already feisty in there!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I took John to the Point Defiance Zoo today, and met up with our friends Jamie and Alex. The boys had a good time looking at all the animals, especially the monkeys who were very playful, the sharks, and the peacocks. The peacocks are allowed to freely roam the zoo grounds and we got really close to a couple of them. Here's a couple neat pictures.Sleepy boy after a long morning

Monkey picking earwax out of this sleeping beast's ear! Eew, gross.

Peacock up close and personal...don't get too close, it almost bit a little boy!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Nothing much going on

Clearly he was bored...

Hi there, hope you're all well. I had a few extra minutes today so I thought I'd just post some recent pictures. We've been pretty laid back lately, mostly hanging around the house and going for walks since the weather is warming up (a little).Cutest smile in the world!
John and his "fluffy bum!"

Johnny and daddy wrestling

Me at 18 weeks prego (or for those "old schoolers," 4 months)