Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jeanine's Finished Room, new house

Finally got her things hung, and slowly but surely we'll finish the rest of the house. John's room is next. Here's her pretty little finished room, which she loves dearly and says "pweeyee" about (Pretty, for all you non giberish speakers out there, lol!).
From right to left in her room from the doorway-ish: Banner, closet, bookshelf

Bookshelf, crib (soon to be made into a toddler bed)

Crib, window w/ valance and curtains too short (I just hemmed them to be right for the other house, doh!), rocker

Quilt (the beautiful inspiration for her room made by my mom), doll furniture, shelf for bracelets and hairbands, clippie keeper for hair pretties

Jeanine, 13 months

Just wanted to put a little update on the little lady before I forget. Not too much going on but she's finally walking a little more than before, talking a lot (when there isn't a camera on), and YAY! she finally got another tooth, making 3 now. Here's the princess after her nap yesterday, hanging out with Mama when Daddy and Johnny were gone running errands. She's such a happy little girl most of the time and we already think she may have Mommy's language proficiency. Only time will tell :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Picture Post

So here they are. Early September, kids playing in the yard. Crash photos of my totalled van. And HALF the house, the downstairs. It's still not even close to homey but most things are unpacked and I'm hoping that the new prenatals and the iron I'm going to be taking will help with my energy level and get me going on the house :)

Kitchen view from living room

Living room view from kitchen

Playroom view from dining room, front door to left and stairs to the left of that.

Dining room view from playroom/formal living area, kitchen to the right

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hard Work!

Well we had a successful move yesterday, with only a little bit of kitty barf to speak of. Everyone is almost completely settled in and the kitties are still a little unsure of this house since I'm not letting them outside yet. John and Jeanine went to bed and were asleep by 7:20pm last night, though we had some nighttime waking from John who was a little bit scared in his new room and wanted me to sleep with him. The house is great: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, kitchen overlooks living area, formal living room (A.K.A. Playroom), and formal dining room, 2,000 square feet in all and close to Lake Meridian! We are so excited to grow into it...eventually. Baby #3 should help us out a little bit in that area :) Pictures to come...the cord to the camera is still at the old house.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Smash! Crash!

While this book is one of our favorites at home, it is not the way I prefer to spend my Tuesday afternoon/evening. Yesterday, while making a trip to Kent to drop some things off at the new house (yes we're moving in case you hadn't heard), I needed the key so I drove to the fire station to get it from Isaac. While pulling across some traffic that seemed clear, someone hit our van and smashed it to smitherines. The kids and I are fine and quite shaken, but no injuries. Isaac was the first fireman on scene, lol! They took good care of us and the other driver was also unharmed, though I'm sure she's just as sore as we all are today as well! We haven't heard if the van is totalled but we think it probably is. The airbags were deployed, leaving nice burns on my arm and hand (better than smashing my face I suppose), and the front of my car is gone. The engine took the majority of the hit. Kids were shaken and cried a little but were excited to see all the action afterwards. I was taken to the hospital to check on the baby since I'm prego and the hit was pretty hard. I have some mild uterine bruising and need to take it easy for a couple days, but nothing to worry too much about. The bean was VERY active, bouncing around like a wild man during the ultrasound! We are so thankful for God's protection, as He obviously knew we would be in an accident and only by his grace was no one hurt. If the crash had been 1 second later, Johnny could have been T-boned and seriously injured. We would appreciate your prayers through this time with insurance, 1 car for the family, moving (Saturday, any helpers!? Please?!), and the pregnancy.