Friday, May 30, 2008


Well I just wanted to let you all know I have an appointment with the perinatologist Tuesday morning (June 3rd) at 9:30. They'll just be doing an in depth ultrasound to check the placenta and umbilical cord for proper function, and re-measuring the baby yet again. I'm sure everything is fine, she's quite a healthy little kicker and is draining all my energy out, so I know she's growing in there! I also have another midwife appointment on Friday June 6th. Thanks for your prayers on the growth of baby girl Steggy.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Just a couple things...
1) Isaac got his results back from the Seattle Fire Dept. testing. Out of 676 guys who passed the testing process and made it on a list, Isaac is ranked #18! Woohoo, and praise be to God who prepared him for the testing process and helped the oral board interviewers to look favorably on him! The top 25% of those names will be sent to the fire department in about a month and then they hire from there. He still has to go through a physical test, a medical exam, background investigation, psychological exam, and a Chief's interview. If Isaac gets hired it's about another 9 months (until February '09) before the next fire academy starts, but that's great news! He's well on his way to being on a fire department.

2) I had my 29 week midwife appointment yesterday afternoon. I had an ultrasound to re-measure baby girl Steggy. Even though her body is now measuring almost symmetrical, she is now about 2 weeks behind (at 20 weeks she was about 1 weeks behind) in growth. This usually wouldn't be a problem if she was growing steadily and was just a little behind, but my midwife is a little worried because her growth is also slowing down. They're sending me to see a perinatologist (special baby doctor, hehe) early next week sometime to get some tests done on the placenta and cord. These tests are supposed to be able to show if the function is normal or low, and should be able to tell us how to get her growing again. At this point there are a lot of little "what-ifs?", so instead of worrying about it, we're just praying for her to grow and waiting until we get test results back. After that we can make decisions on treatment options. I'll keep everyone posted, but just to let you know, it's not a HUGE deal. We're just erring on the side of caution in case she's not getting the nourishment she needs in there for some reason. We'd really appreciate your prayers for baby girl Stegman right now. Thanks everyone, we'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fun kid stuff

So the weather here has been wonderful (well, for 4 days straight last it's rainy again)! Last Friday was Isaac's birthday and we got some ice cream at Coldstone and then went down to the waterfront in Ruston and relaxed and played on the grass. It was a laid back birthday and Isaac is another year older. (He's 29 now, can you believe it!?)

We've been going to the park more often since it's not bitter cold anymore, and John LOVES it!
Here's some random pictures from last week at home...
The cats think the crib is theirs since it's not occupied at the moment...they're in for quite a shock in a couple months!And here is the "mostly finished" kids room...all we need to get is the rest of the girly bedding like the bumper pad, name the kid and put her name on the wall, and maybe hang a quilt too. We just got John's twin captain's bed for free today and it's wonderful! Adds some extra much needed storage to their room and he loves his new bed. Thanks to Julie from!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring is here...mostly

Well here's some pictures of our first spring was awesome! (except the fact that it came in MAY!) The trees are finally blooming behind our apartment, I wore capris and a t-shirt, and Johnny got to wear a cute new outfit from Grandma Hammond. We love Bermuda shorts!

Oops, I cut off his head^^^don't have time to fix it!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tattoos and Us

Don't have time for much, but here's a quick run-down:

Isaac and I have decided to stay here in Tacoma in our apartment for a little while longer. After a LOT of searching in the Kent/Auburn area for rentals we've decided that what we need is still a little out of our price range, and the area we wanted to be in (near church) isn't very nice to live(lots of crime and drugs). I think God has something better in mind for us later on down the road, so we'll just have to wait and see. For now, we'll continue commuting to church and keep praying that God will open some sort of door for us closer to church.

John's doing great! He's such a joy lately, and we've been doing a lot of stuff outdoors, like going to the park and to the waterfront since the weather is nicer finally! Yesterday Daddy brought home some fake tattoos for John and we put an anchor on his arm. He thinks it's hilarious and shows everyone his tattoo!

He was eating a "gold dubloon" chocolate candy during that picture, hence the nasty smile...looks just like a pirate!

Here's me at about 6 months prego (26.5 weeks), and Isaac working in the office/dining room today. Okay, that's pretty much it. We're still waiting on news about more fire department progress but we'll keep you updated when we know things.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

IOR Johnny in Training

Isaac and I both looked at Johnny the other day and had the same thought at the same time...he looks like my dad! I love my dad so much; he is a building inspector and his "uniform" most days is polo shirt or button up, and jeans. Sometimes he brings building plans home in rolls to study in the evenings, and this vision of Johnny made us crack up...he's so much like my dad in this picture (who coincidentally even has a red polo)!

Here's a couple of cute pictures from last Saturday too; we went to Jim and Kathy's (Isaac's parents) for Kathy's birthday (and mine, and Jahmar's, but it was her actual day!). Jim and Johnny were watching the fountain in the backyard.