Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where'd my Baby Go?!

Jeanine turned 1! Thanks to all of you who made Jeanine's birthday special in any way, be it birthday wishes, gifts, or coming to her special day! We had a blast and she looked adorable. Here's just a few pictures from her party with family and friends.A little unsure of her party dress...

A new princess sippy cup from her cousins!

Inspecting her piggy bank from great grandma

OK, that's all I'll put because 1)We didn't get a whole lot of good pictures, and 2) She didn't even have her cake in front of her long enough to get pictures because she REALLY didn't want it! I guess parties starting at the guest of honor's bedtime aren't such a great idea, but overall she did extremely well in spite of that! We had such a great time with all 14 adults and 13 kids in our tiny place, lol!

In Case You Hadn't Heard...

I'll soon be looking like this again!

But maybe without the foot! Yes, we're expecting #3 late March of 2010! I think it's a boy...Isaac thinks it's a girl. I guess we'll find out when s/he comes out, because we're not finding out before then!

Oh Boy, Here We Go Again!

Well I've done it again. Instead of blogging slowly but surely, I've saved it all up until I have so many pictures to share that I don't ever want to blog again. So much has happened, and some things are from before my last blog post but I didn't have the pictures from my mom's camera yet. Recap: July 11th, one very silly and fun boy turned 3. The week before that my parents came for a visit to drive up Jen's moving truck and celebrate early with us. Here are the pictures of this, as promised in this post. My mom playing with the baby cousins, Jeanine and Aubrey^^^Jeanine sucking on her favorite cat toy ;) ^^^
Johnny playing t-ball for the first time ^^^
Learning from my dad how to hold the bat ^^^
Running home from the horses with cousins Jake and Warren ^^^

Here's my cutie, pre-1-year-old, it's-OK-to-not-wear-a-shirt-in-pictures baby girl in a cute little bumblebee diaper!
THEN...I took the kids to my parents' house for a quick visit, just to escape the heat (yes, you read that right!) of Washington! It had been in the upper 90s and 100s here with no air conditioning going on towards a week so we decided to get outta Dodge! I packed up the kids and drove the 15 hours (including stops) to my parents and we had a very nice visit! Johnny got to ride motorcycles with Grandpa Cliff, the kids went swimming for the first time in 2 years (never for Jeanine!), and we celebrated Jeanine's birthday early with my family.
Jeanine loved BillyJust woke up from a 3 hour nap ^^^Being cool in his motorcycle sweatshirt ^^^OK so I forgot to put his jammies in the dryer...he needed clothes after the bath so we put him in one of my dad's t-shirts...size XL! He definitely needed a belt, and after we tied it he began acting like a ninja. Hmmm, I wonder who he thought he was?Floating in the innertube, totally relaxed! Jeanine loved it and even put her head back and closed her eyes a few times :)
What is this flame thing!? ^^^She barely touched the cake and then fussed to be cleaned up. Sound like one other member of the Stegman family on his first birthday? Gee maybe they're siblings!

Excited about shiny new presents!

The last day my dad took him for a much anticipated motorcycle ride, his first off of their street and into town. Woohoo, my boy's growing up!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm avoiding blogging...anyone notice? Lol, posts coming soon, I promise!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

If anyone is interested, Happily Domestic blog is offering a cloth diaper giveaway of one Haute Pocket One-Size diaper of your choice! Follow this link on over there and check it out! She has a great blog about cloth, working from home, children, home-schooling, etc!