Friday, August 31, 2007

More Walking

He's doing so great! This isn't a great video but it give you an idea of how well he's walking. It's so exciting at this stage, everything is so new for him down at that level. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fun Portraits

Here's some low-resolution copies of the pictures I had taken of John early last week, they're so cute

Catching up...

Seems like we've been busy but we really haven't, we've just been having lots of fun! John is a walking pro these days and does much more walking than crawling. He thinks he's hot stuff when he does walk, and goes all over the house cracking up and grinning. It's pretty cute and really funny to see him so proud of himself, and I'm pretty proud of him too! We show everyone we come across that he can walk now. Lately, the fun thing has been to walk around the house brushing his hair with his new dollar-store hairbrush. He has to stop to brush, then keep walking. Hasn't quite figured out doing 2 things at once...I hope he will be able to chew gum and walk at the same time later ;)
I (collectively, meaning me and John) took a trip to sunny Melbourne Florida on Wed. night to visit my aunt Jeanine (dad's sister). We had such an amazing trip, filled with doggies, sun, big water (the ocean), yucky sand, swimming, shopping, Mary Poppins, good food at home, eating out, poop (that one's for you Jeanine), and special times hanging out with family. I was sooo blessed by Jeanine, Bill, and Warren and left begrudgingly on Sunday. Isaac couldn't come because of work and that was no fun, but it was such a great time! John did amazing during both car rides, a total of 15 hours driving, with no meltdowns of any kind. He watched Mary Poppins and napped a little, but mostly just listened to music with his mommy and looked out the window for 7 hours each trip! I am not so terrified to drive across the country anymore, after this great driving experience!

Monday was our 2 year anniversary also! Isaac took most of the day off and we hung out at home with the munchkin. During the evening we dropped him off with Meredith, Nathan, and Aubrielle, and went to dinner at Augusta's finest Japanese steakhouse (note the exxageration). We LOVE Fujiyamas because it's fairly cheap (as compared with the really ritzy ones) and the food is sooo good. We had the leftovers for lunch the next day and they tasted just as good!! After dinner we had coffee at parused a bookstore together, which is one of our favorite things to do. Pretty laid back and nice to be alone. Since Monday, these last couple days have been spend relaxing and spending time with friends. John is still recuperating from our long trip and practising his walking skills. I can't believe how fast time flies these days, we're having so much fun with our little one! He gets more and more personality every day, and teaches me something new every day as well.

As for the house, we have yet to get another offer and are waiting patiently on the Lord to provide a buyer. It does look like Isaac will be moving out to WA ahead of us, however, so pray for our family to stay strong and have some good times before he leaves. It is bittersweet though. I am not looking forward to being husbandless, but I am looking forward to spending a little while longer with my friends here in Augusta. I find myself waking up in the morning already looking forward to calling up Lauren or Meredith and getting together to watch our little ones play. I hope you all enjoy the pictures, please keep us in your prayers!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hope everyone likes these, he's doing so great!! I can't believe how hard he's trying to walk the last few days, it's so precious. We went video crazy for you all tonight trying to get good walking footage and luckily he obliged!

Monday, August 20, 2007


John had his first Happy Meal yesterday!

He didn't like it or eat much, but we got to be weirdos in McDonalds taking pictures. We'll try to get some video of him walking later on today.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fun Stuff

I dont' have any pictures but I still wanted to update the blog in case you think we fell off the planet. We didn't. Anyway, we haven't been too busy (meaning I haven't...Isaac has been very busy!). Isaac has been gone a lot at home shows on the weekends, and this week he ended up going to Raleigh to meet with clients, so he didn't come home during the weeknights much either. It's tough, but he's doing well with business and it's encouraging to see things going great!
Last night he got home at 5:15pm from North Carolina, a babysitter got here at 5:30, and he took me to a surprise night out at a fun little inn downtown for wine tasting and hors de houvers. It was really nice to go out without the munchkin, though I was apprehensive about leaving him with a teenager for the first time. So far we've only left John with close friends who also have kids John's age; never with someone who came to our own house by themselves. Ashlyn did a wonderful job taking care of him and he was in a great mood when we got home, even though he should have been sleeping! As for the night out, I'm ready for another one!! We got there and didn't know anyone, but that was okay. We wandered around the room for a while munching on food and getting different samples of wine (while quickly realizing we were terribly underdressed for the occasion). It was nice to be able to talk to Isaac alone! We also met a fun older couple and stayed to chat for a while, then went home. It was your basic uneventful night out, but SO MUCH FUN! Our anniversary in 10 days so we are counting down to that as well, though I don't think we have any plans. The Mills will probably babysit for a couple hours, and maybe we can go see the Bourne Ultimatum.
As for the house, we are having another open house on Sunday and this time it has a bit more advertising. Hopefully we get an offer and start a contract! We have decided that if the house sells, we will still be moving September 26th-October 1st to Tacoma. If the house doesn't sell before then, John and I will be staying here in Augusta until it does, while Isaac goes on ahead to Tacoma to begin working. He has lots of friends and family there, so we're sure that whatever happens will work out. Please pray for us! We are both very anxious to sell the house and not have to be apart for a while.
I am spending today and tomorrow cleaning up the house really good for the open house, and Isaac is already gone (left this morning) for another weekend away. This time it's a Cutco/Vector conference near Atlanta, but he might win some stuff! He had a really great week of sales and that puts him in the running for some prizes. Isaac could use prayer right now too, he's been working non-stop for several weeks without a day off in sight. It's been rough but he's making it, and needs all the support he can get!
Well I think that's all. John is still working on walking and is becoming quite the energetic little boy. He loves to chase the kitties all over the house, and to climb on and off the ottoman all day. If he's not playing with his toys he's dancing to music or making his own. We love him very much and don't remember life before him!

Friday, August 10, 2007


I just wanted to update you all a bit on what's going on with the house. We did get an offer for the house but it was so terribly low that it was quite offensive. We counteroffered quite a bit higher than the offer but were still willing to give this woman a smoking deal for the house (we went as low as we possibly could while still being able to pay off our current loan) but she didn't go for it. We're a little disappointed that it didn't work out but we know God has a buyer in mind and will bring him/her around at the perfect time. So...we have yet another annoying showing of the house on Tuesday morning for a woman coming in from out of town. We don't know anything about her except that she's pre-approved, so please be in prayer for us over selling the house and our upcoming move to WA!!
JOHN IS WALKING!! Moving moving moving all over the place. This morning he wasn't even trying and by bedtime he was walking halfway across the room! I can't believe my itty bitty baby is walking already. He's becoming such a fun little guy and I am enjoying every minute. Recently he has discovered summersaults (rolls) and whenever he wants to roll he stops and puts his head on the floor, waiting for me to roll him the rest of the way! It's hilarious and very entertaining.
John had his first ice cream the other day and loved it. Just a McDonald's cone but it was a hit. Okay, I know you don't want to read any's the pictures.

John playing naked because it's so hot here. Our AC can't keep up right now with the triple digits and it gets steadily hotter each day. Yuck!


Lauren brought MacKeane over today and the boys had so much fun. We all ate dinner together (not the guys, Isaac is at a home show and Matthew is out with a friend) and got to chat for a while. I love lazy days of summer!Lovin' on the diapee...he loves those things!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hot Summer Days

Well it's hot here! Today it was 104 degrees and terribly humid. This video is from the other night, but playing with the hose is a normal occurance these days. John loves it!

Shake it Baby!

We just taught John how to shake it! He's so cute!

Monday, August 6, 2007

1 Year Olds "Sharing"

John played at MacKeane's house yesterday and the mommies got to talk for a while. This is the boys sharing (kind of) Mac's car. They had so much fun! Doesn't John look thrilled to be sharing...

Cute little driver